Thursday, July 7, 2011

Plastic Camera Crazy!

Lately I can't get enough of plastic cameras! I love how unpredictable they are and the rush I feel when I go to pick up my photos, it's like Christmas (what am I going to get?!)

I want to collect all of them and I want to learn how to use them really well ;)

Here are the cameras we have so far:

Johnny has a super epic gold holga and we never use it, but we took it out this weekend and are picking up the photos today, hope they came out awesome!

Gold Holga Yumminess

I have fisheye one and fisheye two, but those are a piece of cake to use!

I also have the CMYK Diana, which I love but have definitely not mastered it yet
Diana F+ CMYK Lomo

This summer I hope to get these cameras and take them on our adventures!

1. Diana Mini
Diana mini camera and flash

At first I thought why Diana Mini, but now I get it! Its tiny size, takes 35mm (way cheaper and easier to develop) and I can take pictures like this!

2. Split Cam

I saw this camera a few years ago at my favorite photo museum in Balboa Park and immediately discarded it because the packaging looked so cheesy, but I recently found some amazing pictures on flickr that made me second guess myself. Now I want to try one out asap, especially because they have it on amazon for $12.00 ;)

Tree head


This camera is pretty magical, it takes 8 photos every 2.5 seconds and morphs them into one photo and it takes 35mm film!
run whirlwind, run

4. Supersampler Camera
supersampler camera

Four pictures in one, yes please!

5. Lomography Fisheye Submarine Case

Fisheye + underwater= OH MY! Ahhhhhhh this is so cool!

Do you have any of these? If so, which is your favorite?

I can't wait for birthday party week, starting on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s. Click photos for sources ;)

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Becky said...

I love picking up pics at the drug store or where ever too. I am really convinced to go back to film after seeing all these.