Friday, July 8, 2011

Embroidered Wedding Pillow!

Embroidered Wedding Pillow

My friend Shane came over last night for a little crafty night and she brought this wedding pillow she made for a newly wed friend, how cute is this pillow?! She embroidered the kissing couple from our flapper pattern on the front!

I love this face!

Kissing Couple

I love the off color wood grain she used on the back!
The back side

Shane & Her Pillow

Shane is just about the sweetest lady ever! I was working on a present for one of my ladies whose birthday is this week and she helped me out with the sewing machine and showed me some tips, thanks darling!

Hooray for having amazing friends and learning new things ;)


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Becky said...


I have a wedding coming up and none of my ideas have "clicked." If I may I am stealing this idea!