Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vintage Inspired it is!

For two weeks now, I have been on the serious hunt for a bathing suit that fits well and has a skirted bottom and debated whether or not to settle for one online or go for the gold and find one in person so I could try it on...

I really wanted to buy number 2 or number 6 from my previous post, but number 6 was sold out and I couldn't decide which size to order in the gingham suit. Also I kept telling myself that it was ok to spend $100 on a bathing suit, but really it's crazy! It's something you’re going to wear in the water and who really cares, but with that being said I still wanted a cute retro looking suit and I found just that!

Finally found the right bathing suit!

And for only $20 I might add, thanks Marshalls!

I really appreciate your input; it totally helped me narrow it down :)



kluckingbear said...

Love the dots! I wouldn't spend $100 on a suit definitely found a good deal.

Cerise said...


Becky said...

Totally cute!