Thursday, May 26, 2011

Embroidery Show Part Four: Shane York

Shane York created all of the garments pictured below and embroidered everything by hand, even though they look machine embroidered, she's just that awesome! I hope to someday be as good as her at embroidery :)

Unfortunately Shane doesn't have a website, shop, email address or computer at all, which is exactly why she is so good, no TV either!

Black & Blue Raven Dress
Shane sent me a picture of just the top of the dress months ago and I knew instantly that I wanted it! Embroidered cameo girls, scalloped collar and French knots = I had to! Not to mention the gorgeous raven embroidered in all black on the bottom, with ribbon embroidery flowers coming out of it! I can't wait to wear this beauty.

Princess Dress
This princess dress has long been in the works for Shane and she finally finished it! It's hard to see, but there are two delicately embroidered chandeliers embroidered down the front in gold and adorned with beads.

Kraken Sailor Shirt
Do you recognize this kraken? It's from our deep blue sea pattern! Shane enlarged and traced it onto this patterned brown fabric and made it into a sailor shirt, awe I adore the rope she embroidered on top too!

Deer Archery Jacket
*Pretty Green Archery Jacket with black ribbon tie*

Deer Autumn Storybook Cape
I wish I had a full view of this cape, it's insane! It's lined with silky purple fabric, trimmed with purple fur and is covered in a zillion tiny stitches that make up a deer, a moth and purple flowers.

Koi Fish Dress
This is my favorite yellow color, so this was so hard not to buy, so beautiful!

Swallows Bloomer Set
This Bloomer Set is the cutest outfit ever!

Winter Deer Hood

I wanted to buy everything that Shane put in the show, but I would be severely broke if I did! I was so happy to buy that blue dress and the best part is it fits me perfectly, what are the odds :)

The Lovely Shane York

Shane, I love you and you inspire me to get better everyday at embroidery!



schinders said...

so where/how do we find her fab stuff??
ps glad to hear yellow's your favorite. hee hee...

Natalie said...

Simply amazing work. I am stunned. What a wonderful show you gals put on. :)

Becky said...

She is brilliant! Someone is gonna have to get her on Etsy or sumthin'!