Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sew Lovely Love

We are so excited about all of the lovely things you lovelies have been stitching up with our patterns!

Isabela's Fortune (detail)

Isabela's Fortune
This is one beautiful lady, I love the colors!
Stitched up by Zhad_Squad

I love this version of "champagne girl", which is what we call her, so gorgeous!
Stitched up by makeworkproject

Space Shuttle for Chawne
I can't stop looking at this red work piece done by Miss Julie Frick, I'm going gaga over it! My favorite part about seeing things embroidered in all one color is it really makes you look at the whole thing, instead of your eyes focusing on one section of the piece.

Stitched by FridaKitten

Seeing a new stitched up piece from our patterns is the most exciting thing ever, we love watching our babies come to life through someone else's eyes, it's a beautiful thing!

If you have stitched up anything with a sew lovely pattern, make sure to post it in our flickr pool <3