Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

My brother just moved in to his own place, so exciting (no more roommates!) and after he told me the good news he began talking about his recent thrift scores. He started by saying "I found the best embroidery ever!" I being the silly goose that I am thought immediately that it was for me! He went on to explain that it is for his new pad and that it's so cool and was only $5.

I immediately asked him to send me a picture and when I opened the message on my phone, my heart dropped! I want it, it should be mine...

First of all it is not embroidery, it is crewel work and second there is a rainbow and it is screaming my name!

When I make my excursion down to San Diego for xmas I am going to make an attempt to steal it and if that doesn't work I'm hoping we can work out an old fashion tradesies!

Wish me luck ;)



Becky said...

Before I got to the part about your plans I was thinking 'She'll have to steal it!'..
It's so cool. Why can't I find something like this on my thrifting trips?

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Right that's exactly What I was thinking! Why don't magical things like this just fall into my lap hehe. Thrifting in the city is so over picked, I want to go the middle of nowhere, that must be where all the treasures are hiding. ;)