Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My favorite 5$ dress!

Pin-ups 2!

Over the weekend I went on the best thrifting adventure and picked up three 5$ dresses and this one is my FAVORITE! This 1960's beauty jumped out at me immediately and when I saw the price tag, I knew it was fate ;)

My new favorite 5$ dress!

Who is this sassy lady that I started stitching up you ask? She is my second fav pin-up on our new pin-up pattern! After a long day at work yesterday I went to my weekly lady craft night and since I had no fabric I couldn't start another pin-up, so instead I made a lemon pin that looks like corn and started a xmas tree pin(is it too soon?) no! As soon as I got home, I transferred this baby to pretty white floral fabric and started stitching the hair. I am going to try and do the whole thing in teeny tiny stitches! I can't wait to go home and work on her ;)


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