Monday, November 8, 2010

New Pattern & Embroidering Pin-up!

Our new pattern is finally here and we are so JAZZED!

We love pin-ups so much that we had to come back for round two! I can't wait to stitch up each and every one of these, but the first one I had to stitch up is my favorite:

Daisy Embroidery

New Pin-up!

Up close embroidering pin-up
I used pretty little red beads instead of french knots for the dots on her top!

Embroidering Pin-up

YAY! I can't wait to stitch up another one ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I scored the most adorable vintage dresses, show you soonsies.



Kristi said...

LOVE the beads!

Becky said...

Your stitching is so perfect! You know I am beyond excited about the new pin-ups patterns..

Carrie said...

that looks so good. she looks so sweet, and i love the beads!. love the new patterns, too!

oregonpatchworks said...

Wow...the color tone and the perfection is so graceful....i like the way of your presentation.....
Thanks for sharing with us....