Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Super Secret Lake Adventure

We started it with a game night where we played clue and ate pizza and pie, celebrated johnny's birthday and went to sushi boats and got our favorite ice creams, had a BBQ and made tie tie shirts and went on an epic lake adventure!

We were on a mission to find a super secret lake that we found out wasn't so secret but it was quite the adventure!

Once we finally reached as far as the road would take us we got out and began the two mile hike to the lake:

We walked for which felt like forever and were so excited to finally catch a small glimpse of the lake:

We picnicked, ate lots and lots of cheese, then found a bitchin rope swing!

All of the boys launched off of the rope swing one by one and none of the girls were going to do it. It looked so fun, but my fear of heights was holding me back. I decided that I wasn't going to chicken out and I just went for it, and I am so glad I did! The water was so refreshing and I got such a rush, I had so much fun I did it twice ;)

The water was so beautiful and clear, I wanted to swim in it all day!

The sun began to go down so we packed up and headed on out. We were glad we ate so much, because we had way less to carry on the way back!

With the sun setting over the cliff we trailed along, stopping along the way to admire the beauty of the entire scene. As it got darker and darker through the trees, we were worried we wouldn't be able to see anything but we made it back to the car just before it got pitch black!

Right before we got back to the car we spotted a momma dear and baby dear frolicking up the hillside. They looked so graceful staring out at the ocean.

We had such a good time adventuring to the secret lake, it was the perfect way to celebrate Johnny's 22nd birthday!

Hooray for really good weekends :)

What did you do for your labor day weekend????


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