Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tie Dye Love

To celebrate Labor Day/ Johnny's birthday we busted out the dye and a pile of white shirts and went to town! Tie Dye is a very summery thing to do and for lots of people summer is over but for us in San Francisco the summer is just beginning!

I made the three shirts on the right. I made my first spiral one where you start in the middle and start winding it up into a disk shape, and then I did the usual tie all over ones. My favorite one I made is the lemon lime one! They are finally dry and now I want to wear it every moment I am not at work :)

After our sweet tie dye party I want to dye everything white! I want to learn more ways to tie it so it comes out different ;) I love tie dye because even though everyone has the same buckets of dye every one's shirt comes out so neat and different!

Here is some awesome tie dye from around the web:




How amazing is this wallpaper!


I love this subtle yellow dress that Plastic_Venus over on craftster hand dyed for her cousins wedding. It's so cheery!


I even want to tie dye my socks!


Tie dye shoes? Yes please!

Totally digging these tie dye legging from American Apparel

I need to get some white duds so I can tie dye more this weekend! I'm thinking maybe a tote bag....

Because how cool is this!

Hopefully the sun comes back out this weekend to play ;)

How do you feel about tie dye? Some think it's just for hippies, but hey I just like bright colors!



Carrie said...

nice! i've got a tie-dye kit just waiting to be used. :)

paulathegreat said...

what kind of dye do you use?