Friday, September 3, 2010

Yellow Embroidery Swap Buzzing Bee

My most recent swap was an all yellow embroidery swap. Yellow is my favorite color so I was very excited about this one! I always do something super intricate, super hard and although they usually come out pretty good, this time I took a different approach. I wanted to keep it simple and clean, and I love the way it came out! Plus I finished it in two days :)

I am now officially done with all of the swaps I signed up for! I am so excited and relieved :) Lessons learned: I LOVE swaps, but don't go crazy and sign up for a million at one time! It got pretty stressful at the end, this past week was crunch time but I DID IT!

My partner lives in Luxembourg so I don't think she got it yet, but I also don't think she reads my blog. I hope she likes it! It was tough to pick something to embroider because her profile wasn't filled out at all (she's a newbie), so I just went with something pretty that I as a fellow yellow lover would love!

What do you think?!



Lisa Leggett said...

I love it! And amen about signing up for too many swaps all at once! I was swamped too... wth were we thinking? Oy! I've finished all mine, except I signed up for one more (i know, I know) but it's a good one, Pin Up Girl, Round 2!! Deadline isn't until Sept 30th, so I'm thinking of a schmexy witchy pin up! Woohoo! Have a great weekend Katy!

Andrée Lachapelle said...

It's adorable, I love it! I would be delighted to receive something like that in a swap.

Anonymous said...

it's awesome! i love that it's in a yellow hoop too! yeah, too many swaps can get stressful! especially when you're hosting! yikes! can't wait to see your next work :)