Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sew Lovely Flickr Pool

There have been so many Sew Lovely Embroideries added to the Sew Lovely Flickr Pool Recently and quite frankly it makes me giddy:

This lovely pin up by Shemp3
Hank Moody Pillow
I love that she filled the whole bathing suit in, it's so beautiful!

Which is actually part of something super awesome:
Hank Moody Pillow, wip
A Hank Moody pillow inspired by Californication on Showtime

I am in love with this seahorse embroidery by Carrie_76 that she stitched up for the Phat Quarter Movie Swap:
rainbow sea horse
I love The Life Aquatic and I love this!

This is my favorite cowgirl from our Cowgirls embroidery pattern, so when I saw babskitchen's version I gasped:
Oh Dear Cowgirl
I love the green eyes on her and the chain stitch for the "Oh Dear" it's so good!

And last but definitely not least I love this tote bag that BeckyPartridge made for Pam (aka kittykill):
A tote for Pam

Thanks so much ladies for stitching up our patterns, we love you! It gets us so excited to see our babies come to life and to see how lovely each different embroidery comes out :)



Carrie said...

thanks for posting the seahorse! you know i love sew lovely embroidery. them cowgirls and pinups sure are cute!

Becky said...

I think I should be thanking YOU for the patterns which are so awesome. I get so excited when I start stitching a new one! I love the scale and the details in the patterns, and I agree with Carrie.

babs said...

Thanks for the nice compliments on the "Oh Dear" cowgirl. I had so much fun doing it. I'm onto my 4th pattern and that one, as well as one of the others I finished, will be going to my daughter for Christmas. I need to get some pics. posted over on your Flickr acct. I also need to figure out what to embroider besides flour sack towels. Some good inspiration here in your blog! :-)