Monday, September 13, 2010

Game Night & Embroidery for Me

My weekend started off with another Friday night game night where we played a really long LIFE game that was actually quite fun! I unfortunately did not win with a million fifteen dollars, but I did climb Mt Everest, become a Police officer, get married and live in the Tudor!

After our long game of LIFE we moved onto JENGA, which was I'm not going to lie pretty intense:

I started an embroidery project for ME (finally!)I went to Joann's and got a pile of phat quarters so I could embroider a patch for my new Baggu!

As soon as I am done stitching up this camera boy from our Smile for the Camera pattern in all black, I am going to applique it onto my nutmeg colored bag:

I can't wait to wear this bag everywhere, it can fit so much in it!

What crafty escapades did you partake in this weekend?!


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Charity said...

I am finishing up a pillow front that has lots of different pictures on it. It is so much fun when you make something that has no rhyme or reason! Your Blast-Off Space Girl looks very nice in my kitchen!