Friday, September 17, 2010

Private Swap Waterloo & Me

I just completed my first private swap with Miss Jenni Waterloo and I am so pleased with how everything went! It all started when I saw a painting series of 3 that she did and posted on flickr here. I fell in love with these scale paintings so we worked out a trade, she was to make me a custom painting and I was to embroider her something from our woodland creatures pattern!

When I asked her what she wanted me to embroider she said "I sure do love that woodland pattern, and some day I want to embroider a deer bust and hang it above my imaginary mantle like I won it while hunting." As soon as I read this I couldn't wait to make this idea come to life!

I sent Jenni an embroidered deer bust and mounted it on a slab of wood, which to me felt so woodsy and looked like it was made to be hanging in a log cabin.

I added in the sunset going from light yellow to bright red which to me made the deer come to life so much more. Maureen sketched in some trees and mountains and viola! I really like the way the entire piece came together at the end.

She sent me this super awesome painting in the cutest envelope ever:

I love this painting so much! I also adore the drawing on the back of the envelope, it says "let's rain together", and even the postman who delivered to me at work loved it!

I think my first private swap was a success ;) I loved being able to trade one of my embroideries for someone else's art that I actually know, opposed to what I've been doing on swapbot where I'm trading with people that I don't know at all. It was nice to have a swap be on our own terms also!

I'm so glad Jenni agreed to swap with me; I can't wait to hang this baby in my craft room.

From now on I think private swaps are the way to go for me! After I finish the embroidery I am on working on for me, it's swapping time ;)



MafiosaGrrl said...

Awesome! Yep, private swaps are the bestest. I'm with you on that one, I'm kind of over the random swap thing, too. Burned one too many times. Did you know you can do private ones on swapbot too, just in case it's a person you met through there. Anyhoo, love both of these :)

Becky said...

That is so cool Katy! What a unique framing idea - wow. And the pic you received is awesome too. I am so impressed with both.
Yeah I think I'm with you on the private swaps...

Lisa Leggett said...

Katy, this is just terrific! You Sew Lovely girls are really blowing my mind lately! I'm running out of adjectives, but you just keep brining the eye candy, I'll think of more!
Have a great weekend!

I just got burnt on Swap-bot too for the first time, so I can feel Jackson's pain... it was the Over The Rainbow Whimsey Jar that did it for me... darn flakers. I hope they get incurable dandruff.
We should arrange a swap between some of us NorCal grrls! oxo~L

Anonymous said...

i'm definitely a fan of private swaps, it's kinda nice knowing who it's coming from :) btw i can't even express how freaking AWESOME your deer is!!! AMAZING! and her painting! what a successful swap!! great job ladies!!!

danak said...

How did you affix the embroidery to the wood? I am in love with this idea!