Monday, September 20, 2010

My very own spinthread necklace!

I got my birthday present from my mom a few weeks ago, my birthday was back in July but these pretty pretty embroidery necklaces take 6 weeks! I almost forgot that I was even getting this and then all of a sudden it arrived in the mail!!!!!!!!!!

I have wanted this for so long and I love the way it came out, the colors are perfect for me :) I swoon over all of the lovely embroidery jewelry from Spinthread all the time, so when this box arrived all wrapped up in pretty lace I was so giddy!

It was so hard to pick a favorite but this is the first spinthread necklace I saw and it was love at first sight:

I'm into super bright colors and most of all yellow, so since you can customize your necklace to your favorite colors this is what I chose:

I love this necklace so much and wish it wouldn't be tacky for me to wear everyday!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much Lorena you are amazing

If you are into embroidery and jewelry, which come on who isn't, check out Spinthread, and if you already have, which I'm sure you have, check again because she has some super new stuff like THIS:

I want this really bad! La Amazonia come to momma.... someday


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