Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ladies Night

Yesterday Funday bowling was cancelled because we were supposed to have a ladies embroidery night and I was going to meet the lovely Shane who stitched this beauty up:

But it was cancelled last minute because my friend had to work, so we went out to dinner instead and got Indian (yum yum!) and then crafted anyway, my friend who had to work ended up being able to make it after all and we got our crafting/girl chat on!

Crafting with the girls is sometimes exactly what you need! It pulled me away from sitting in front of the television, got me out of the house and put me in such a good mood! My friend Jesse just got back from Hawaii and it was so rad to hear all about her Hawaiian adventures to see waterfalls and see some underwater pictures of her and her family that were adorable!

Jesse stitched up a super cute owl inspired by a kids Hawaiian book that had a felt owl on the cover which also taught you how to pronounce Hawaiian words!

I made a yellow felt bow and stitched it to my plain black barrette <3

Olivia stitched up an owl too and seriously how cute is it!

YAY for crafting with the girls!

P.s. Today I am wearing my favorite tucker for target dress that I got and my lacy cardigan from Rodarte for target from a few months ago:

I have worn tucker for target all week, it's kind of crazy awesome!

Hope everyone is having a super awesome day :)


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