Monday, September 13, 2010

Tucker for Target How I love you

Sunday I woke up way before I usually do for one special reason....Tucker for Target!
I love target a ridiculous amount and even more than I love target I love the designer collections that Target comes out with once a month!

The Tucker collection I was super excited for because the first thing I saw of the collection was this:

I knew immediately I had to have this! The magazine I saw this in said that this was the signature dress and I got giddy thinking of all the other fabulous pieces there could be...

When I got there on Sunday ready to grab try on and buy, I was in shock at all of the amazing stuff that they had! I tried on almost everything in the whole collection and walked away with some great pieces for my new fall wardrobe:

This is my dream shirt: bow collar and polka dots!

I tried on this super soft/fuzzy jacket just for kicks and just fell in love! Not that I needed another jacket OH DEAR

The lining on the inside is made out of silky floral fabric, which just so happened to be the same silky floral on this pretty dress I had to get!

Can you imagine how fabulous it would be wearing these together and flashing the lining and having it match your dress!

This yellow/rust color dress made me swooooooon, it was indeed love at first sight:

The ruffle on the back made me buy it:

I also got this dark floral bow shirt, because I had to and I am wearing it right now!

So I went a little crazy but come on tucker for target and seriously this was me narrowing it down, I would have bought every piece in the collection if Maureen wasn't there coaching me through it!

I want to wear one of these pieces every day with tights and boots and I will be set for all of fall ;)

Side note(this is how crazy I am): While still in Target after my trying on extravaganza, I was hunting for Maureen and in the meantime I saw this mom/daughter duo walking past the tucker for target racks and they stopped and I looked at them and said " Do it, Do alllllll of it!"
They looked at me so creepy like, they better have listened though because the line is so well done and everything looks so good on! If you are a dress lover like me go to TARGET!

Alright enough fashion :)


Andrée Lachapelle said...

Wow, I love those dresses - too bad we don't have Target here. Thanks for making me aware of this designer.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Andree No target no problem! They totally sell them online at target. Com

Thanks for reading

Louise said...

Ha ha! I laughed when you said that to the mom and daughter-- I do that too, hoping that everyone else is as happy about fashion as I am. I love Tucker!