Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet Surprises!

I got the sweetest surprise yesterday afternoon. Everyday the mailman comes in and I say "Any mail for me?!" and he most of the time answers no, unless I have been on an online shopping spree, but yesterday he said YES!

It was an Amazon box...and I thought did I order something...?

The more I thought about it I couldn't recall anything I had ordered from Amazon. Sometimes I think that and then I open it and realize HEY you did order something, but not this time :)

I opened the Amazon box to see a pretty blue wrapped box with a white ribbon and a note on top "Love, Granny"

I opened it and this was inside...

I love how the box says Matryoshka Madness!Matryoshka Madness(which is actually the name of the company)makes nesting dolls galore, I am in love with their robot nesting dolls:

I was so GIDDY! My mom must have shown her my blog and she saw my new obsession for nesting dolls, which I don't have any of yet and viola :)

There are so cutttttttttttttttte! I immediately opened them up un-doing each body excited to see a smaller one inside each one. The best part is even the smallest one opens up!

I called her to say thank you and tell her that it made my day. I was curious though as to why she sent me these... just for fun?

She said "You are always so good to everyone else and I wanted to get you something special!"

How sweet is that! She really knows how to make a girl feel special :)



Ginny said...

best prezzie evvvvvaarrrr

Becky said...

How sweeet! Even the packaging is cute.
Funny, I blogged about Russian Nesting Dolls today too: http://bthrifty.blogspot.com

Lisa Leggett said...

Granny's are the best! What a great suprise!