Monday, August 16, 2010

Beach Photoshoot

We have been working on some new designs for our kit packaging, it's so fun! We piled cute dresses in the car, stacks of embroidery and textiles from our shop and headed to the beach for some photo magic. We have been waiting for a sunny day and we finally had one, well sort of...

We have a jillion photos to look through, I hope there are some good ones! My eyes seem to be closed a lot, maybe because I am always facing the sun. Well there has to be some winners in all 200 pictures!

Can't wait to show you the finished packaging, it's going to be pretty :)


1 comment:

crazyQstitcher said...

I couldn't manage a comment on your Flickr site but seeing more photos here is even better. You seem to have enjoyed the photoshoot. Thanks for sharing