Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last camping trip

And we're off to the wilderness. This is our last camping trip for the summer, I'm ready to hang out with the sun since it seems to not like San Francisco anymore. We are headed to the gold country for some pool lounging and river rafting! Hopefully I will strike it rich and find some GOLD

We are especially jazzed because this is the place we went camping last year and created our business so it's special, it marks our one year anniversary sometime in the next few days :)

We will back on Monday!

Yay for vacay



Anonymous said...

I get to go camping/canyoneering labor day- counting down the hours! Best of luck with striking gold, and congrats on the anniversary.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Thanks we are so excited. Awesome! Labor day is just around the corner :) That's the best time to go on a getaway because you have the extra Monday off!

Carrie said...

too hot for camping in texas during the summer! but floating the river sure is fun. happy 1 yr anniversary! that's awesome. ooh, but i will be getting away to houston(bleh)for a wedding labor day weekend, but then probably austin(fun!), too. have fun!

Charity said...

Have fun! Thanks for the extra surprise!!