Monday, August 23, 2010

Who doesn't want a travel sewing kit!

My mom just left on Friday to go on a three week adventure to see ice caves, learn how to make chocolate in Belgium and explore her little heart out.

Before she left she asked me to make her one thing: a travel sewing kit! She saw the one I made for my friend Sarah and fell in love. I have been so CRAZY busy lately but I had to squeeze this in, I mean a girls got to be able to embroider on her travels right?!

I attached a little hoop with ribbon, in case she forgets her big hoop:

I got her a pretty thread cutting pendant to wear on the plane so she can cut her thread in peace without being hassled about having baby scissors:

I made her a pretty butterfly necklace with a bunch of beads I haven't used:

I included the essentials; a bundle of thread, a cute strawberry pincushion filled with different size needles, and foldable scissors(if they let her bring them!)

Maureen made my mom the cutest flower pin ever:

She used what seemed like a million layers to make this. All of the colors in the flower are the colors that are in a dress my mom is wearing to a wedding she is going to in the Netherlands. There is one baby pearl in the middle to hold it all together and its perfect because my mom is wearing pearls too!

My mom received the travel goody bag just in time and she LOVEEEDDD IT! I am so happy, I can't wait to see pictures from her adventures.

Her husband is the sweetest, he surprised her with this trip and planned everything, what a way to spend your one year anniversary! They are going to London, Amsterdam, Belgium, Switzerland, Slvania(did I spell that right), and Prague. Although I am so excited and giddy for her, I am insanely jealous! As soon as she told me I thought TAKE ME, put me in your suitcase, go for shorter and get me a ticket but then I settled for her bringing me back a Heidi dress:

Both of these little girl dresses are from here

Either one of these will do, except 10 times the size for me! If you have a little one I suggest you snatch these up before I try and shrink and get these myself :)

I hope everyone had a super awesome weekend! Camping was amazing and I can't wait to show you pictures tomorrow ;)


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