Friday, August 13, 2010

Ladies Craft Night

Me and my ladies

Nothing makes me happier than a ladies craft night! Recently I have had so many craft deadlines that I haven't left the living room, but last night I just had to :)

It's so much more fun to craft in groups than by yourself!

I worked on my movie embroidery swap which I can't show you YET but it's pretty exciting stuff. But I can show you this super cute necklace I made:

I am so excited I finally used some of the beads I bought like 6 months ago! Plus my love for owls is insane so I pretty much haven't taken it off :)

My friend Jesse made this adorable felt purse for her friend's birthday! She twisted 3 colors of yarn together to make a strap, so precious :)
Here is the front:

And the back: Her friend is in love with Phil Collins, I think this is pretty awesome!

And my friend Sarah is working on this cute little grill as a present:

I am in love with this! It's so cute. Our friend Sam got a grill recently and has bbq's every weekend so I'm sure he will adore this BBQ embroidery. Plus her stitches are crazy awesome small, how does she do it!

I am so happy it's Friday GIANTS GAME TONIGHT

I am wearing my special orange shiny flower!

I hope everyone is having a marvelous day, hey you don't work too hard!


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Becky said...

Jealous! I would love to have a girly craft nights but I don't know anyone here who crafts!