Monday, August 16, 2010

I won my first giveaway!

What a great way to start a Monday: winning a giveaway! I enter giveaways all of the time, but most of them have 700 entries in it; so the chances of winning are pretty slim.

I entered the giveaway over on sfgirlbybay(which I am totally in love with by the way) and saw this fabulous giveaway for a handmade leather tote. I entered the giveaway just because you never know, you could could happen(plus I was in love with these beautiful leather totes)

And then I WON!

These totes by scabby robot are beautifully hand crafted and I can't wait to hold this cedar tote in my arms! I even cleaned out my purse which usually weighs 50 pounds so that when I get this bag I can start fresh.
I always carry a million paper craft tutorials and magazines around with me, but not this time :)

Yay for winning giveaways, it totally made my day!

Thanks to sfgirlbybay and scabby robot!

Check out all of the pretty leather goodies by scabby robot in her shop, I'm sure you will fall in love.

Happy Monday my lovelies!



Jenni said...

I remember I won my first giveaway back around March on the blog Rockstar Dairies, but I never ever received the prize. I even got in touch with all these people that were making the giveaway possible, and so now I kind of avoid giveaways in fear of a broken heart.

But congrats to you! I'm not a fancier of leather, but the bag looks cute! Do you know what colour you're getting?

giddy99 said...

GASP! That is AWESOME! Congratulations, you lucky gal! :)

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

@ Jenni: I can't believe you never got your giveaway what a bummer! How rude! I can't wait to send you your embroidery, I made a little exrta surprise too :) I got my bag yesterday it's so pretty and soft! I got the brown one its perfect :)

@Giddy99 - Thanks darling! I am so jazzed to finally have won a giveaway :)

ladymchottie said...

luckkyy yoooouuuu!! that purse is fab!