Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun day& Flapper Embroidery

Yesterday was indeed FUNday! It was so nice to go out after work instead of just going home and working more. I think taking breaks definitely helps you work harder later :)

We played the most intensely awesome games of Air Hockey:

Bowling is becoming my new favorite thing:

After my grandma's recent visit here she headed south to visit my Mom in San Diego, they sent me a bunch of pictures yesterday, apparently they have been stitching up a storm! I wish I was there, stitching with my granny is the funnest thing ever :)

Here is the pretty flappers my Granny just finished:

She is going to make it into a pillow and give it as a present to her sister, isn't it cute! When she was here she was so funny, she said "I want to be the sexy blond is that OK, she's so much cuter!

My mom just finished this precious purple beaded flapper and gave it as a present to my Granny for her birthday:

Looking at these makes me want to embroider right now! I wish it was Saturday :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day and gets some crafting in!



Charity said...

These are just awesome! Granny and Mom are talented! Now we all know where you get it from!


kittykill said...

LOVE the embroidery and the blog! It makes me so happy!

Sandi said...

Oh My!!!! I love the two pieces with the flappers on them. Wow


Becky Farley said...

Wow such crafty ladies :)
Runs in your family obviously!
ps I LOVE air hockey so much!

Becky said...

Those pieces are beautiful. How sweet that you can share a passion for embroidery with your family like this. Inspirational.

Jamie said...

oh my you come from a long line of talented embroiderers!! lucky!

MafiosaGrrl said...

Wow- both of those are gorgeous! The beads on the purple one just blew me away. It's no wonder you're such a crafty dame.