Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fun DAY!

Today is Wednesday, which is for some a bummer because you are only half way through the work week but for Johnny and I we declared it FUN DAY! Wednesday is one day closer to Friday from Tuesday and I say celebrate ;)

Last Wednesday Johnny picked me up from work and we headed straight to the bowling alley:

I bowled my best game ever, I finally broke 100, which was my life goal! I felt like such a CHAMP :)

I felt like I discovered the secret to bowling, bowling straight and hitting down pins WOAH

After bowling we headed to our favorite cheap dinner spot and got the best coconut chicken noodle soup ever at Yamo:

I am hoping today is just as RAD!

I ordered this bracelet today from Carly's Closet over on her adorable blog Tea Cups and Bubble Baths:

Ohhhh I can't wait to wear it with my red polka dot skirt!

I hope everyone has a super awesome FUNday :)


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carly. said...

hey! i just need your address. i think i emailed you about it (?) but now i'm not so sure haha...sorry, my mind is in a million places right now, buuuuusy! either way, email me at with your address and i will send it out to you monday!