Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Embroidered Pin-up & Crafty Whimsy Jar

I am a little late on posting this but I wanted to show you the pin-up that I sent out for the Hand Embroidery Pin-up Swap over on Swap Bot!

Maureen drew me a special pin-up not on our lovely pin-up pattern and I am so glad she did! I named her Lolita and I am totally in love with how she came out, I have to admit it was hard to part with :)

My partner was Carrie aka Carrie_76 on flickr, and I was so excited to hear that she loved it! I love getting people I know through flickr as my swap partners ;)

This is definitely my best embroidered face yet, that is always the hardest part for me and I always save it to till last. I think the secret is using only one thread so you can get the fine details perfect!

Another swap I recently finished was a Crafty Whimsy Jar Swap. I always have so much fun with these, being craft supply obsessed and all!

This is the jar all put together, I always get way too much stuff and have to tetris it all in there, hehe

My partner loves Halloween and scrapbook stickers so I thought these were super cool:

I fell in love with these stamps, you could make the cutest woodland cards with these:

I love including handmade items in my Whimsy Jars and since my partner and her daughter love Hello Kitty, I had to make Hello Kitty brooches! One is hardcore Hello Kitty and one is cute Hello Kitty :) (Maureen totally helped me out and made the one with the skull!)

Here is everything all together laid out:

I am so glad my partner liked it!

I am now working on my project for the movie swap through phat quarter, on flickr I am so excited to work on it!



Croaking Crown said...

Lolita is absolutely gorgeous. Her face is amazing!

kidsinvite said...

I love the hello kitty stickers on your little scrapbook. Absolutely cute!