Friday, August 6, 2010

Pin up Swap Received!

I signed up for a Pin-up embroidery swap over on swap bot about a month ago and when I finally sent out my finished sexy lady last week, I couldn't wait to get mine from my partner! I had checked out my partner Carrie's photostream and fell in love with a pin up she embroidered:

I was really hoping that I wouldn't receive a pin-up from our own Sew Lovely pin-up pattern, although I am in love with our pattern, I wanted something totally different!

I got my pin up package in the mail this week, and I was so excited to open it! As soon as I did I was in awe of the Pin up that CroakingCrown made for me ;)

It was everything I wanted!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at how amazing the face and hair is! She used baby french knots to fill in the hair in tons of different browns and she used some shiny thread too and mixed it in the feathers. One of my favorite parts is the little heart lips!

Carrie did the fill in perfectly, such baby stitches I love it!

I have never seen anyone do this before with tulle, it's so genius! The tulle stockings made her extra sassy :)

Here is the whole thing, I am completley in love!

Carrie also included an extra special needle book:

The yellow fabric she used as the cover and the inside pocket for the scissors is adorable:

These scissors are too cute! They match the yellow fabric so good ;)

The little daisises on the cover are precious and there are even little beads in the middle of the flowers :)

A scissors pocket in a needle book is such a good idea! There is even a ribbon that keeps the scissors attached to the needle book, love love love.

Carrie you totally rule! Thanks for the extra needle book and adorable scissors, it really made my day ;)

I hope we get to swap again in the future! Maybe a private swap ;)

Now I have to find the perfect frame for the pin-up, ohhh maybe a oval frame!

The hunt is on.....



Charity said...

OMG!! I LOVE IT!!! You are a lucky duck~~~~


Lisa Leggett said...

Wowza, that's gorgeous Katy, you lucky duck!! The fish net stockings are ingenious!! And the personalized needle book - *with perfectcly matched scissors*??? Dude... 5's and hearts all over the place! She's a great swap partner!
Thanks for sharing, I'm loving to see what other folks get. I updated my post too if you wanted to see what I got in the swap (I used one of your patterns, she was purrty if I do say so myself!).

Hey are you in on the Movies swap for the Phat Quarter group on Flickr? Just wondering...

Croaking Crown said...

Oh Katy! I'm so glad you liked her. I was really really torn about the pattern. It was the comment you left on the other pinup on flickr that tipped the balance, and I'm sorry I keep trying to call you Katie. I think I have fixed it everywhere now. :)

Becky said...

Wow that is some amazing stitching!

Anonymous said...

My god, those are both breathtaking and inspiring. The fine stitching on the dresses gives me hand cramps just looking at it... and the tulle as fishnet is genius!

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Wow you both did an awesome job. I really love her stockings!!!!

keNi said...


Carrie said...

wow. that's great. those tiny, tiny stitches. love it!
(and i'm still admiring my piece from Katy!)

Crooked Sister said...

I fail at even the easiest fill in stitch so I am completely envious after seeing hers. And I love the tulle too.