Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Girl Free Hand Embroidery Pattern!

The sun has been shining here recently, which is a nice surprise for us in the city! June gloom usually parades on until indian summer in september, but we are so happy that the sun has been peeking it's little head out. We have been busy bees (woa alliteration!) but we wanted to whip something up that you would be able to stitch up in no time!
Free pattern time is the best time:

Hope you love our new free pattern , inspired by the sun and of course our love of pin-ups. I feel a second addition of our pin-up pattern coming on... what do you think?

Who else is super glad that it's FRIDAY!?
This girl is ready for some fireworks


Ohhh p.s. We just got an ad on a beautiful mess, I love that blog we are so excited!


Anonymous said...

Wow she looks just like me!!!!!! LOL LOL Just kidding!! Thanks so much!!

giddy99 said...

Oh, she's LOVELY; thank you! I need more stitchin' time! :)

Charity said...