Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pin-up Hand Embroidery Swap!

Feeling Stitchy
Stitched up by Diana of Our City Lights

If you love pin-ups and hand embroidery, head over to swap bot and join the pin-up hand embroidery swap! I found out about the swap from Jackson aka Mafiosagrrl(she is the best!), and I am so excited to get started! I am going to do a special pin-up that is not on our pin-up pattern hooray ;)
Today is the last day to sign up so jump on it!
You get a whole month to finish stitching up your pin-up, then it's swapping time. No sweat!

This is my second swap, I think it's official I am in love with swap bot :) I am so excited to give and receive crafts with other fabulous crafters,can't wait to get my pin-up in the mail!

Join join join join!

Did I convince you?

Hope so :)

p.s. If you already have our pin-up pattern, you especially have to join it's so easy!


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