Thursday, July 8, 2010

Craft Night RULES!

Last night Johnny and I headed over to our friend Olivia's house to have a super sweet craft night. We brought all of the craft party essentials: loads of buttons, felt, thread, watercolors and a PIZZA. You can't craft without pizza right? I taught Olivia how to make felt flowers and she is now in love with them too! It's ridiculous how easy they are :) Perhaps I will do a full tutorial soon, so you can see how easy they really are.

We started off with making them just out of felt, so easy and cute!:

I spread out all of my buttons from my Grandma's grab bag full of buttons:

We got fancy with it and added thin fabric to the felt with fabric fusion:

These are the best! Pink flower palooza:

Johnny played with Olivia's new Pentax and drew a Chihuahua with 6 hands:

Craft nights are the best!

Have you had any craft nights recently? What are you making in your neck of the woods!?


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