Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Headed Snake Girl

Maureen stitched this up over the weekend while my Mom was here. It turned out so beautiful. This is one my favorites she has done yet! You should have seen the pile of browns that were in her lap while doing this. She loved it so much, you just might see her do it again! That's what I love about embroidery, no matter how many people have the same pattern, each finished piece turns out beautifully different! Each color choice alters their piece into something spectacular.

She was so jazzed to enter this into the Rainbow of Stitches Contest over on feeling stitchy but alas no brown category. I sense there is uber amounts of embroidery in our future.



Ginny said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Wowsa!

Bill the Girl said...

Earthy and Sexy. Thanks for sharing! All those brilliant browns!