Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vanilla and Lace: Part Two

As you may know I bought two dresses from Vanilla and Lace about a month ago as a present to myself for getting my new job and I am so in love with these dresses! I have worn them both a handful of times already and I wish I could wear them everyday! I love handmade dresses more than anything :)

The navy one is so simple and classic and the red one (which is actually a very dark red in person) is so fun and perfect for a walk in the park or a picnic. I have already worn both of these to work.

Maureen being as sweet as peaches as she is got me a celebration dress as well!
I have been eying this dress forever from modcloth and I was so excited to wear this on my first day of work! Yellow dress+ a white bow= my dream dress.

Unfortunately all of the buttons fell off throughout the day and left tiny holes where the buttons were. It could be that the dress was a little tight and I was busting out (which I was), but I don’t think so! I looked at the reviews after and everyone said that the buttons fell off immediately, wah wah.

I returned the dress as soon as I could, in hopes to get the next size up because I really did love it and this time I would just take off the buttons before they had a chance to fall off, but alas by the time they got my return they were all sold out 

I started browsing through modcloth to see what I wanted instead and the answer was of course everything, but I couldn’t decide and really I just wanted the lemon square dress. On a whim I checked Vanilla and Lace’s shop to see if she had added anything new and she did!

Now came more decisions, but I ended up getting a dress and a blouse for the price of the one dress at modcloth and these pieces are lovingly handmade!

I ordered the Rosemary Blouse and I had the hardest time deciding what color to get, but I chose the sepia dot with a black collar (this will be so cute with a black pleated skirt for work!)

I also ordered the Lucy Pevensie dress, because I can’t resist all of the peter pan collars, they are calling me! For this dress I chose the mustard dot (do I really have to explain?) with a black collar, I’m so excited about this one!

Look at all of the color choices that she has now!

Vanilla and Lace is amazing and I’m so excited that Abi added new pieces to the collection! Her pieces are such beautiful quality and it blows my mind that her pieces are priced so low (although I’m glad they are!). I love homemade!

Go check out Vanilla and Lace if you haven’t already :)


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Really this is beautiful collection with Digitized Embroidery Designs..I like this post..thanks for sharing here..