Monday, July 11, 2011

Favorite Booth at Renegade Craft Fair

On Saturday my friend Olivia and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair (so dangerous!), but so amazing! Last year when we went and my budget was $100.00 and I spent $80 within 5 minutes, but this year we were so good and regulated each other! I'm so proud of us ;)

We each only bought one thing each, which was extremely hard because everything was so amazing!

My favorite booth in the whole fair was Homako Jewelry!

This year Olivia came up with a game plan for us to look at everything first, one side at a time, so we got to see everything and so we didn't impulse buy and it totally worked! We had so much fun looking at everything and got inspiration overload :)

I ended up buying the black and white rope bow necklace and put it on immediately!

Did any of you lovelies go to Renegade?!



Becky said...

Love the felt necklace in the second to last pic!

MafiosaGrrl said...

It is so dangerous! I didn't go, worked instead. Boo! We should make plans to meet up for an upcoming crafty event. I'll bring Josci too!

Becky said...

Great plan and often much easier than done. One day I'll make it to the left coast for the Renegade!