Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We gotta get out of this place...

Shadow of us driving on a huge rock

Sometimes you just need to get away, so my friends and I piled in Jeff's Volvo station wagon on Sunday and headed for any water we could find. We ended up in half moon bay because there was insane traffic, but all we wanted was a little adventure...and we got it


Johnny became a sandman...

Johnny only has a head

Sandman Johnny

I got to be on top of a pyramid!
Are you guys ready???


We finally mastered the double piggy back!
This is what they call a Double Piggy

I leaped into Olivia's arms...
Catch meeeee!

And we got to see the pretty ocean and drive along the coast
Jeff and the Open Road

Jeff & Olivia


I wish it was always sunny and always the weekend....awe only tuesday!

Hope you lovelies are having a lovely day :)



Hillori said...

Love these kind of days!!!
Nothing like a little sun and sand to restart your engine :)

Becky said...

What fun! Glad you had a sunny Sunday!