Monday, April 25, 2011

Rainy Day Girl Embroidery

Rainy Day Girl

I finally finished this umbrella beauty from our Bonjour Embroidery Pattern! This is one of our designs that I just couldn't wait to stitch up, I was giddy before I even started. I love it on the light blue polka dot fabric because it looks like a rainy day :)

This pretty lady will definitely be included in the embroidery show!

Beaded Umbrella

I hope you lovelies had a marvelous Easter! What did you do?! I ate tons of peanut butter cups, cupcakes, won at monopoly and put together crafty goody bags for our stitch and bitch tea party next weekend (can't wait!)



Lisa Leggett said...

Katy, I love your new embroidery, she's so elegant & stylish! OoOoh, I can't wait for next weekend, I'm so excited to meet you lovely ladies!!

Becky said...

I love this embroidery. I really must start stitching on patterned fabric, it looks so effective. What what WHAT? You are Lisa are getting together? Jealous!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Thanks Lisa! I totally wish I could be this lady ;)
I'm super excited too, stitchy meet -up!

Thanks Becky! You have to do ittttttttttt. I used to think if I did an embroidery on patterned fabric I had to use all one color thread, but now I'm having so much fun with it :)


Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

p.s. Becky I wish you could come! It's going to be me, Lisa ,Jackson, Maureen and one of Jackson's friends :)

Becky said...

She is beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! The beads are such a wonderful touch.

BW and the rest of the NC Chapter of EFU really need to find an RV to borrow and travel around meeting up with all our stitchy friends!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Becky that is the best idea ever! Make it happennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :)
I say you get a Winnebago and then once all you lovelies get to CA then we pile in, go to the beach and stitch & bitch in the Winnebago, yeah?