Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Embroidery Art Show!!!!!!

Embroidery Art Show with My Ladies!

I am super excited about our upcoming embroidery art show that includes my three friends and me! If you live near San Francisco please come and support us fellow stitchers, I wish all of you lovelies could come. We have all been working super hard on finishing our hand embroideries and it's going to be so awesome to see all of our work together in a gallery!

I started the most epic embroidery I've ever attempted two weeks ago and it's going to be a race to finish in time for the show. I have never been so excited about working on something and I can't wait to see it all finished!!!!!!!!!!! All of my embroideries will be pin-up related; hopefully the universe is ready for the lusciousness.

Hooray for embroidery and being in your first gallery show!

The show starts at 7pm- Midnight at the Space Gallery in San Francisco; there will be live music and a bar. It is a one night only show (just a pop up show), but I’m hoping that we can get another gallery space soon after so we can keep our work up for at least a month :)

I hope you can come and see all of our stitchy magic!


p.s. *The deer hood on the flyer was hand crafted and embroidered by Shane York and will be for sale at the show*


Becky said...

I so wish I could see your show! Good luck...everyone will love it.

giddy99 said...
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giddy99 said...

Oh, one night?! I am sad that I will miss it.

I will be in SF the weekend of May 5... if you can do another one that weekend, give a shout. :)

Becky said...

Oh so excited for you and your stitchy pals! Congratulations and Break a Leg!