Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspired by Vera Neumann...

*Marilyn Monroe wearing a Vera scarf (taken by Bert Stern)*

Whilst talking to a co-worker yesterday about all things vintage and magical, she mentioned that she collects all things Vera Neumann. I immediately googled her and then the madness began! I am in love with everything this lady designed, it's ridiculous. Vera is most well known for her mod scarves, but she also designed textiles, clothes and dinnerware. My co-worker said her mom does tons of thrifting and is always on the lookout for Vera, I hope I can magically come across something Vera in my search soon ;)

Vera Neumann and objects that inspired her (1958)
Here's the magical lady herself, surrounded by all of the things that inspire her ;)

Vera Blue Bells

Vera Neumann Scarf

Vera Advertisement 1967
I will take one of each dress please!

Vera Violet Bouquets Tablecloth


Vintage Vera at Anthropologie
I am in love with this wall of Vera!


Vera Blouse

Vera 60's Geometric

Vera Neumann Scarf

vintage vera neumann scarf

Vera Neumann Scarf

Vera Neumann cloth napkins

mod 1960s Vera Neumann daisy tunic

Vera Set of 10 Vintage Napkins

Do you have any Vera Neumann creations? I want to seeeeeee!



Becky said...

Katy guess what? That embroidery I have that you like, with the woman with the scarf? It's a 'Vera' design. Also I have that orangey floral tablecloth you pictured.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

OMG you lucky duck! It's going to be the best thing ever when I find something vera while im thrifty shopping :)


Anita said...

I love Vera, too! I bought my first scarf on Etsy recently, and they are even more stunning in person. I am on the hunt for a dress now, and all things Vera are on my short list for thrifting. Good luck; I hope you find something fabulous!
xoxo, a.

Becky said...

I have <3 Vera since the 60's. (I'm old.) My Daddy was buddies with a Vera sales rep and used to bring home the most amazing sample dresses for Mom (a perfect 1960's size 8) and fabric samples for me!

I have scarves and one dress which looks dreadful on me but I will wear it now and again. (Makes me look preggers - A-line shapeless but with big bold flowers!)

Andrée Lachapelle said...

I have a Vera scarf that I got on eBay for about $2 (in perfect condition.) I love her stuff, too...

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

I loved reading about all of your Vera love! I really want a dresssssssssssssssssss! I went to about 10 thrift stores over the weekend, no such luck :( Now it's my neverending goal, find VERA!

BPS- I can't believe you have a vera dress, I want to see! Woah dream come true for your momma, sample vera dresses sounds amazing ;)


schinders said...

just what i needed, a new obsession. boy is her stuff great!