Thursday, April 14, 2011

Embroidered Cameo Brooch

Look what I stitched up the other night! I rarely do tiny embroideries, hence the jagged stitches, but I think it's cute for a first attempt! I am so lucky to have Maureen by my side, since I can barely draw a tree and I love that she can just free hand anything on the spot ;)

This frame brooch is quite perfect for a cameo and I can't wait to get better with my little stitches!

Embroidered Cameo

Up close Cameo


p.s. If you're wondering where I got the fancy gold brooch frame, it's from here, although they seem to be out of stock...


Becky said...

Very have inspired me again! And the brooch is pretty.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

You are such a sweetie pie <3

Katrin said...

Thanks for showing off my brooch! And your embroidery does look perfect in that frame. I will have more of them in stock in a few weeks :)

Citizen K said...

I adore cameos and your take on them is so charming!

Becky said...

Even with putting my nose to the computer screen I do not see these "jagged stitches" of which you speak.

Dang it - this is simply beautiful.

MitziMakes said...

That looks lovely! I couldn't fault your stitching at all, looks perfect to me!
I have a pendant frame I've been meaning to stitch something to go inside, but haven't quite got round to it. Thanks for the inspiration!