Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Folk Art Rooster

rooster napkin

I am so in love with this rooster that WithWhimsy stitched up from our Folk Art Pattern on a napkin! She is stitching up tons of napkins to make a set and they are all turning out so cute <3

I can't wait to stitch up this one myself after my embroidery show!



kat said...

I have a question for you stitchers...When you stitch something like this napkin do you worry about what the back looks like? Do you cover it with something or just let it be? Do you do anything to make sure it washes well?

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

I definitely worry more and am more careful where and how I knot the end of my strand. Most napkins I use are thin, so I try to knot my thread instead of trying to keep stitching way across inches away. If I know I'm stitching something that will get washed a bunch I always double or triple knot the end of my thread to ensure it doesn't come unraveled.
Hope this helps :)

Hillori said...

Thanks for posting my rooster napkin:)) I'm eyeballing the Home Sweet Home pattern next from the folk art pattern!!!

Becky said...

That is one gorgeous rooster!

Thanks for the stitchy advice too.

kat said...

Thanks for the tips!