Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stitch Ideas!

My friend Shane(the embroidery master), showed me these Japanese embroidery/ cross stitch magazines that she got from the Japanese book store in Japan town, and I instantly fell in love! I can't believe they are called magazines because each issue is as big as a craft book and is chalked full of inspiration and beautiful pictures, its kind of amazing. I hope to someday have all of the issues!

I got issue 11 for Christmas(eeeeeeeek!)
Stitch Idees magazine vol.11

Stitch Idees magazine vol.11

Stitch Idees magazine Vol.11
This is such a cute heart sampler, I think you pass it around to your friends and each one stitches on a heart <3

Stitch Idees magazine vol.11

Each issue is just as lovely as the next:
Stitch Idees magazine vol.9

This dala horse tin is calling me!
Stitch Idees magazine vol.9

Stitch Idees magazine vol.9

I really want issue 12 now!
Stitch Idees magazine vol.12

Stitch Idees magazine Vol.12
I want an embroidered box to keep all of my stitchy stuff in!

Stitch Idees magazine vol.12

Stitch Idees magazine vol.10

This belongs in every cute crafty room:
Stitch Idees magazine vol.10

Stitch Idees magazine vol.10

Stitch Idees magazine vol.10

I keep looking through the issue that I have and it just makes me so happy! I want to craft all day everyday and I want my house to look like all of the stitchy magic that's inside the magazine, someday! :)

If you haven't seen these magazines, you have to get one, you too will fall in LOVE.

*All pictures via the workroom*



kittykill said...

I have that issue too! I love it! I have a bunch of them and they are so wonderful.

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

Omg right they are way too good! Have you ever bought anything /ordered anything from them? I am madly in love with the metal birds on page 34, I have been trying everything to track those babies down! Any ideas?

Becky said...

How sweet! What a great discovery. I'd better get searching....

Crooked Sister said...

Ummm, I want, I want, I want! This is exactly what I need!

Pooka said...

Thankyou for sharing. I ordered issue 10 at the start of December and my poor postie is getting sick of me accosting him and asking where it is daily! These pics will tide me over for a few more days :)

A Pair & A Spare said...

Thanks for adding my logo to your sidebar! Very kind of you.



Jamie said...

OMG I want this too!! I don't even know how I could find it though =(