Friday, January 28, 2011

Rainy Girl Embroidery from Japanese Embroidery Magazine

Rainy Girl for Jesse

My friend Jesse is moving away to L.A (sad face!) I wanted to make something for her as a little going away present and I remembered that she loved the little rain girl on the cover of the Japanese stitch book I got for Christmas. I am in love with this little cutie too!

Stitch Idees Volume 11

The pattern is so tiny in the book and since Maureen is such a doll, she enlarged it and sketched it up for me on my pretty white fabric! I began stitching it up Saturday late morning and in less than 2 hours I finished this baby up and we headed out to her house to get our groove on. It was so beautiful everyone getting together to celebrate someone so awesome! There were Scooby Doo pancakes, a homemade photo booth and of course tons of treats! She loved the little rain girl :) :) :) I hope the rain reminds her of San Francisco and it reminds her to come back and VISIT!

Rainy Red Head

Jesse I love you and your pretty red hair!


p.s. These Japanese books are the best thing I ever bought, they have them for sale on etsy here, here, here and here!

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