Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspired by... Sixteen Candles

Yesterday Maureen and I spent the entire day watching girly movies and watching Sixteen Candles made me so giddy!

The best part of the movie is when Jake (the token hottie) says “Make a wish," and Samantha (Molly Ringwald) says "It already came true."
And then the kiss...Fade to black...end credits

I love the 80's and any movie with lines like this melts my heart!

Such a cutie!!!

John Cusack as a young geek, can it get any better?

Why yes it can! Joan Cusack can also be in it, as the super geeky girl with a face brace :) I wish there was a better picture of her sweatshirt, because it’s AMAZING, and I want to make one for myself!

We also watched Pretty and Pink (so precious)! Now I want to complete the circle of awesome 80'sness and watch The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off :)

What did you do this weekend?! Finish any super awesome crafty projects?????????


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Becky said...

Oh I love 16 Candles and you really summed up some of the best parts...BUT my heart will always be with Pretty In Pink which I think must have been my 'rites of passage' film. I saw it when I was 14, and since watched it about 60000 times so I can recite every line. >Geek! I just *love* Molly. Did you see the reunion thing in Entertainment Weekly a few months ago?