Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Embroidered Faux Fur Deer Hood

Embroidered White & Grey Deer
I can't even tell you how much I am in love with this! My friend Shane York is the best embroiderer I have ever seen, and once a year she has an embroidery show where she sells everything that she created in that 1-2 year period. Last year she did a show featuring mostly birds, where my friend Jesse bought the most amazing embroidered peacock dress in the world (why don't I have a picture!,) and this year there seems to be another woodland inspired theme, deer’s!

Faux Fur Deer Hood

Shane creates a booklet of all of the things in each show,which is such a cool idea since she doesn't have a computer! She asked my friend Jesse to be the model for the faux fur hood and Jesse's red hair with this hood is pretty much the cutest thing ever ;)

Embroidered Deer & Pinecone Hood

I am so excited that she used our deer head from our woodland creatures pattern! I love that she filled in the deer with white and gray, it's perfect for this chilly winter plus with the faux fur around the hood, does it get any better?!

Hooray for having awesome friends!

p.s. Shane invited me to be a part of her embroidery show, and she asked me to put in 10 of my very favorite pin-ups, yippee!!!!!!


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