Friday, January 21, 2011

Dream Wedding!

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now, and although we aren't ready to get married, it doesn't mean I can't have it all planned, right?! Johnny if you’re reading this, don’t!

It all started with 100 layer cake! I was never the little girl who sat around day dreaming about her wedding day and as I got older I wasn't sure I would even get married. But then I met Johnny (and the whole love thing happened) and I casually started reading these amazing wedding blogs where people create everything themselves, from fabric flowers to letter pressing their own invitations, to making their own wedding dresses (only the super awesome crazy ladies attempt this one) and everything changed! I began compiling images of what I want my wedding to look like someday and this is a little peak at what I hope happens someday :)

This little inn about 2 hours away from San Francisco looks like the most magical place to get married!

It's a toss up between a vintage daisy enamel bouquet or just pretty plain and simple daisies.

This is the dress of my dreams by Stephanie James!

I love Max Wanger, he's my favorite!

Ooooh almost forgot my ring!

The funniest thing happened a few days ago, I sent the pictures of the little inn to my mom, just saying, "I found the cutest place to get married wanna see?!" We started talking over text and she said "I love the place! I don't know what the time frame is or how many people you will have, but we can totally do it!" I of course thought yes, we can do it, in the future :) We talked back and forth for 10 minutes and then she said "how did he propose?!"

I thought she was acting weird, and that's why! She thought that Johnny proposed and I didn't tell her, and my email about the wedding place was me telling her! OMG

The whole scene was so ridiculous and funny, I had to immediately tell her that I am just a creep who has their whole future day planned out and we are not engaged! :)

I hope you enjoyed the little peak!



Ina said...

Great ideas. I think this is my favorite blogpost ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is so lovely!! Yellow and white are a beautiful combination, and you can't go wrong with daisies =). The ring is fabulous.