Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I heart Spoonflower


Spoonflower is pretty much the coolest idea ever. You can create your own custom printed fabric and get it printed on 7 different types of fabric! It's kind of amazing.

You can create your own here

Retro Travel in Bright Aqua


Picnic of Flowers

I just want to dive into a pool of all of this magical fabric!

Underwater Friends

forest pink


The Yellow Wallpaper

Rain Girl


Retro Glasses Frames small

Pennants, Lemon - Sun Soaking



fruit and veggie madness

An Apple a Day - green

Helga turquoise

Obscure Animals Alphabet


I have been daydreaming of all the possibilities....I want to make my own!

I wish it wasn't $11 for just a fat quarter because I would be all over these fabrics! If you have a Spoonflower shop I WANT TO SEE because I'm pretty sure you made super rad fabric if so ;)



SaraChung said...

I think they still have their 1/2 off fat quarter sale going on ... still kind of pricey, but not as bad! :)

Anonymous said...

I dream of playing with Spoonflower fabrics, but alas, am also limited by budget right now. Some day! I have one fabric up on the site, a big ol' border print of tentacular lovely:

It's based on the free embroidery pattern I posted here: I want to make a wrap skirt with it (and with this one: ).

MitziMakes said...

i love spoonflower too - such a wonderful website too!