Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy Little Bee!

I have been such a busy little crafting bee, I have a list a mile long of Xmas presents to make and none done except for the one that I bought!

Maureen and I made our own version of this vintage Christmas tree over the weekend I can't wait to show you:

Hopefully I can take pictures and show you tomorrow, we made the entire thing out of felt instead of wood and I think once it's all hung up above our fireplace it will be precious!

I have been working on hula hoop girl (sorry for the horrible picture!) and as soon as I finish it's Christmas crafting time!

I have a feeling that my little fingers will be tuckered after all of this crafting, I'm just going to take it one present at a time ;)

I can't wait to see all of the DIY's that are coming out soon on I go by Katie and A Beautiful Mess!

Are you going homemade this year, what kind of crafty magic are you magic for your loved ones?


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Anonymous said...

I'm doing a bit of knitting and a lot of sewing (if the fabric I ordered ever gets here- AHHH). Oh, and a little bit of sculpting too!