Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Renegade Adventures

This weekend totally ruled! On Friday Johnny and I finally got insurance for our car so we immediately celebrated by adventuring all over town. We drove up twin peaks, ventured to our favorite pizza place on Castro and hung out at our friends house near haight st. It was so nice to not have to wait for buses, walk, or leave early to try and catch the bus!

Saturday we drove out towards Fort Mason, which is the exact opposite point from our house. We probably would have never made it if we didn't have the car, I am so glad we did!

The first thing I bought was an adorable felt headband from Giantdwarf, she was the sweetest and she looked so adorable!

I bought tons more stuff, but I don't have pictures yet. We had so much fun at renegade, the DJ was super rad and we of course took part in the FREE photo booth! I met Elsie from Red Velvet and she was adorable as always!

After we left renegade we ventured off to the golden gate bridge:

We got out of the car and I was so giddy! Even though I have lived here for over 2 years I never get to go over there, it's so far by bus! It looked so pretty with the sun bursting through it, I was in love...

We then adventured into the presidio, stopping in between all of the grand houses at a sweet beach lookout, where there was one long cement bench with our name on it!

There was this finish line across the street that I just had to jump off of like I WON the race:

It was such a nice date! I am loving car life :)

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Lisa Leggett said...

I was there Saturday tooooo! It was so awesome! And you're right the DJ was super rad! I wanted to have him jump in my pocket and spin tunes for me all the time!

I thought I'd seen everything, but I must have missed some stuff (which isn't too suprising, because the place was jammed with so much amazing stuff!!) because I didn't see those gorgeous headbands! That is adorable and is going to look great on you! We didn't do the picture booth... the line was super long, all day...

We watched the sun go down behind the Golden Gate also... ah... I love SF.

Congrats on the wheels too!

Becky said...

Cute pictures! Are you wearing white go-go boots?!

Sew Lovely Embroidery said...

@ Lisa: Oh my goodness wasn't the fair fun! It was so hard to contain myself, I wanted everthing ;) We totally lucked out with the photobooth there was no one in line! Oh wasnt the bridge pretty. I wish I would have seen you, maybe at the xmas one :)

@Becky: Thanks darling! Hehe yes they are white gogo boots, they are so awesome I scored them at Buffalo Exchange for like 8 bucks, sweet deals!