Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the Road Adventures

Yesterday we woke up late, got our picnic basket together and drove until it got sunny. We drove down highway one past half moon bay, but the sun still was hiding. We kept driving until our hunger took over and we ended up on the cliff of Pescadero State Beach:
There was a perfect flat landing for us to set up our picnic:

The water was so pretty:

It was such a nice day date getaway:

I wore my leather flower headband from crookedsister,it is so comfortable and goes with anything!

I wore my new dress that I got from renegade; it's my new favorite favorite! I want to wear it everyday ;)

The dress is from field day,they unfortunately don't carry these dresses online yet which are made out of vintage sheets(so soft!), but every craft fair I have been recently they have been there ;)

After we picnicked, we got back on the road, and stopped at a field of beautiful purple and white flowers:

Johnny skipping towards the beach was the cutest thing ever:

We got back in the car and began heading back to the city. After a few miles on the road we saw a sign that said labyrinth strawberry maze. At the entrance there was a haystack entry gate and a huge metal king kong. How could we not enter?!

We got out of the car and saw huge metal sculptures everywhere, and stacks of hay built into a HUGE maze. The maze was unfortunately closed because the city is being a little trouble maker.

But we did snatch up some delicious fresh farm strawberries and snap some photos:

We are definitely going back in October, the guy said they have Knight Fights and they set up a hay coliseum, and of course pumpkins.

Hooray for day adventures!


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moosh said...

Aww, you two are the cutest couple! :)