Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monster Change Purses & Camping

We just got back from camping and we had the best four day weekend ever! It was such a special way to spend my 22nd birthday; swimming, lounging, sleeping in, and watching the stars, frolicking around the meadow, eating smores, and best of all endless hours of CRAFTING!

It was so nice to have all day to do what I want, no pressure, no deadlines, just crafting until I couldn't hold a needle any more!
Maureen and I brought all of the felt and embroidery thread we could fit into the car and each day we had projects we wanted to work on.

Since we did so many crafts I am going to post them in parts, so here is part one!
I brought a bunch of tutorials so we could get ideas and learn new stuff, and first up was Monster Change Purses. We found the tutorial over on Cut Out+Keep.

Here are the Monsters we made:

We made them into Monster Lovers: one pretty monster girl and one manly monster man

We changed up the tutorial by using the blanket stitch all the way around to give it a finished look instead of using glue. Also we sewed a baby button to keep the change purse closed instead of using glue, we thought it worked out well because it looks like the monsters nose (if monsters have noses..?)

These were so fun and easy to make! You can make them any color, any size, any way you want :) We made ours a little bigger so that you could even fit some embroidery supplies inside instead of change, like my favorite stork scissors:

picture via the workroom

I can't get over our camping trip, it was so beautiful. Waking up to the sunshine instead of fog and waking up in the forest every morning was like a dream...

This is the meadow that was right outside of our camping spot, every time I looked out I felt so happy!

Hooray for time off and feeling refreshed :)


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