Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DIY Eyeglass Case Sewing/Embroidery Kit

July is turning out to be birthday palooza month, and I am loving it. Tons of my friend’s birthdays are right after the next this month, so I have been on my crafting game trying to make cool DIY presents for all :)

My friend Sarah just got into embroidery and is already really good!
This is one of her first projects:

She has the basic supplies for embroidery but I wanted to make her something special that could hold all of her supplies and some more special goodies so she can embroider anywhere and everywhere! Solution= On the go embroidery kit! I was inspired by a swap I just joined called Travel Sewing Kit from Recycled Eyeglass Case.

I figured Sarah would love a little kit of her own that she could just throw in her bag and bust out when she was feeling crafty. I had so much fun making this,I can't wait to make tons more and give them out as gifts and one for me of course :)

First step was getting an eye glass case:

I love the little white polka dots on this cute black case; it's like a little purse!

The case needed a pincushion to keep her needles in place and lots of colorful thread:

To make the pincushion I just took a 6 inch wide rectangle piece of felt, filled it with cotton balls and rolled it up like a taco. I folded in the sides and sewed them shut and hot glued the whole thing to the inside of the case so it would stay put. I tied a pretty yellow ribbon around the thread to keep it all together in the case. They both fit perfectly in the bottom half of the case!

I had previously given her a fancy pair of gold stork scissors, but I wanted to make her a homemade felt scissors case to keep them in:

I used a tutorial from wild olive to make the scissors case and adorned it with my favorite white daisy button from my granny. Next time I want to embroider on the case, isn't Mollie's adorable with the little embroidered scissors!

picture by Mollie Johanson
You can download the instructions and template here

I have wanted to make a strawberry needle book forever and I finally did! I found a tutorial here via Happy Zombie, isn't this the cutest needle book ever!

I want to make a million more of these, I want one for me! I want to make some smaller ones so it will fit better in the case next time ;)

I threw in some square patterned patches so she could embroider on them or just sew them onto anything and a cute iron on appliqué flower:

Once it was all put together I tied pretty daisy ribbon around the straps to keep it closed and then punched an extra playing card lying around and wrote a little note attaching it with another ribbon:

I say best DIY sewing kit ever! I loved using this cute eyeglass case, it needed no further wrapping, it already looks like a present ;)

Join me in making your own DIY eyeglass case embroidery kit! Swap deadline is August 5th.



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What a cute idea! Your friend Sarah was made to stitch!! I love the owl!

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